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How to pay via Webmoney?

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    Here is the steps of how to pay via Webmoney:

    1. Select items you want, then login your Shopping Cart and click on the button “Go to checkout”
    2. Edit your shipping address(if necessary) and choose the shipping method
    3. Choose the payment method: Webmoney and Confirm

    4.Click the bottom "Continue", the page will go to the Webmoney transfer, make sure you log in the Webmoney account

    5. Confirm the product service, amount, merchant and invoice 
    6. Select one method of payment then click "next" and follow instruction.

    1) If you choose the first one"quick payment",your phone number is required

    2) If you choose the second one"webmoney keeper", you need to make sure you have installed the webmoney keeper software and running it when make the payment:

    3) Or if you choose the third one"other method"

    Please note that, the customer is only allowed to make the payment via Webmoney with WM-Card or Paymer and WM-note.Others are not

    Any questions please contact us by Customer Service Express: http://help.tinydeal.com/contact-us


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