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Why can't I make the payment via paypal?

  • Welcome to TinyDeal.

    There might be some rejections or problems that customer will meet with paypal when checking out.

    1.If your payment is rejected by paypal , please note that wheather your payment beyond the limition of paypal.
      You can go to this site to check: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/helpcenter/helphub/topic/?topicID=11500047&parentID=11500021&m=BT

    2.Your paypal is blocked by the paypal, in this kind of situation, you should go to paypal.com and contact paypal,offering them your personal inforamtion.

    3.You country cannot pay via paypal, please choose other way to finish the payment, more information about payment method on Tinydeal.com please go to :help.tinydeal.com/faq/detail/69

    Any questions please contact us by Customer Service Express: http://help.tinydeal.com/contact-us

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