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Some questions about XIAOMI Mini USB wifi——ECAHP-279362

  • 1.Q:Where to plug ?
      A:Any available USB port on computer that has already connected to the internet. Both laptops and desktops are OK.

    2. Q:System requirement ?
       A:Support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows 8 32/64bit OS, Mac OS X and Linux not included.

    3. Q:How is the speed?
       A:This mini USB wifi support IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n protocols, the real rate will automatic switching due to using situation, the speed can up to 150Mbps.

    4. Q:How is the wireless power?
       A:In fact, the wireless signal can through walls, but signal maybe attenuated. And the signal can reach a radius of thirty meters range in the absence of load-bearing walls, non-interference.

    5. Q:How many devices can be connected?
       A: In theory about thirty devices can be connected.

    6. Q:Which devices can be supported of the connection?
       A: In theory all the mobile devices(such as mobile phones, Pad, laptops etc.) that support WiFi.

    7. Q: Why the mini wifi don’t work when computer was shut down, sleeping or off the internet?
       A::The mini WiFi can create wireless network must through the computer network.

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