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An introduction about “My Message”.

  • Welcome to TinyDeal,

    Here is the  introduction about “My Message”.


    1, What is “My Message”?

    “My Message” is a Notification Center to show the status of your issue orders. When you log in your TD account you could see the amount of the messages on the upper right side. Here is the explanation through diagrams:


    Firstly please click that number to go to "My message" in My account.  


    Secondly, find out the issue orders with a yellow delta pattern.


    Thirdly, please click it to see the details:


    Finally, please go next after one issue order resolved.


    2, What to do with “My Message”?

    The processing orders could show:

    1). The lack of the model in your order. You could choose change or get the refund

    2). The Need to confirm the information of your order, like phone number, address, the property of the item ,confirm the risk of tax for your package and so on.

    3). The Need to change the suitable shipping method so that you could get your package safety.


    The shipped orders would show:

    1). The returned package of your order

    2). The news of the repairment of your item

    3). The confirmation of the wrong item of your order

    4). The Case problem of the order

    5). The confirmation of the deficient order, or the location of your order.



    When you get the message, please contact us as soon as possible. If not, we will handle your orders with the most effective way as far as we are concerned.


    Any questions please contact us by Customer Service Express: https://help.tinydeal.com/contact-us


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