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Frequently asked questions about TF cards.

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    Here are some Frequently asked questions about TF cards.

    Question 1. Why the actual capacity of the memory card is lower than the marking capacity?

    Flash memory products calculation capacity methods:
    1MB=1000KB, 1GB=1000MB;
    But operating system using binary algorithm: 1MB=1024, 1GB=1024MB; So there are differences between actual capacity and product marking capacity: 8GB=7.45058GB, 16GB=14.6012GB, 32GB=29.10232GB…

    Question 2. What’s the difference between FAT32 and EXFAT format?

     In order to be compatible with better with the operating system, The file system for flash memory products default FAT32 (Microsoft default disk system), the largest unit file is 4GB file; If you store more than 4GB files, we suggest to adopt the following methods! Reset the file system:
    1. Connect computer
    2. Right key click on the flash memory partition, select the format
    3. Select EXFAT format in the file system options
    4. Click start to finish

    Question 3. What are the differences between class 4, class 6 and class 10?

    General memory card using Class speed rating, guarantee minimum data rate, let the equipment (used memory card) to play the best performance.
    Class 4: Min. data rate 4MB/s
    Class 6: Min data rate 6MB/s
    Class 10: Min. data rate 10MB/s

    Question 4. What’s the meaning of UHS-1 ?

    UHS-I: Express support UHS(Ultra High Speed) interface, the bandwidth up to 104MB/s. English letter I representing the device (SD card or card reader) to support the UHS-I interface. English letter U, contains the number 1, on behalf of the equipment to read and write speed of up to UHS-I.
    Note: Equipment must also printed with U and I mark, read and write speed is UHS-I!

    Question 5. When a file is deleted by accident, what should we do?

    If you accidentally deleted files, these software data can help you recovery file data.
    Recover My Files: http://www.recovermyfiles.com
    Easy Recovery: http://www.ontrack.com
    DiskGenius: http://www.diskgenius.cn
    FinalData: http://www.finaldata.com

    Question6. What can I do when the card cannot be formatted?

     Method 1 : Click Start - Run on the computer(Press the Win + r key), input “chkdsk H:/F”, start memory card repair working, wait for the command to execute complete, try again to format the memory card.
     Method 2 : May be a virus file, find the system folder in the memory card, then find suspicious files in the folder, delete it; If you cannot delete it, change the file extension, after delete successfully formatted.

    Any questions please contact us by CUstomer Service Express: https://help.tinydeal.com/contact-us

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