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Could you please give me answers for my play-questions?

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    1.How to set the volume of my MP4 player?

    You can set the volume by this way: 

    a. When playing music, you can press the volume button then press forward button/backward button to adjust the volume. 

    b. When playing video, you should pause playing first, press the volume button then press forward button/backward button to adjust the volume.          (For some model like F11, they  do not have volume button, you can just push the center button to turn up/turn down the volume).

    2. How do i set Play-preview (broadcast 10 seconds of each song, skip to another song)?

    You should have set the "REPEAT" mode to "Intro" mode. Please set it to "Normal" mode by the following steps:  1.  When playing music, press "play/pause" button to pause the music, press" Menu"/"Mode" button to enter the sub-menu.  2.  Enter the "REPEAT" mode and choose "Normal" or other modes as you like.

    3.How do i selecte songs when the mp4 playing one song?

     When you want to choose the song/video to play, you should press the "mode" button to choose it then press" play"  for example: stop song__ press MENU__ Local Folder__Press MENU__ Display contents actual Folder(music1)__ Press MENU__ Display all Folders__ select Folder Music2__ Press MENU__Display contents Folder music2__  Select a Song__Press MENU__ Folder music2 appears.

    4. How do i set Play-disruption ?

    If you store songs in folders, after it finish playing one folder, if you do not let it to go to the next folder, it will stop.  please set the REPEAT mode to repeat all, it will not turn off during the playing .

    5. How do i set playback speed

    You can set the tempo rate by this way:  When playing music, you can press the MENU button to enter the sub-menu.  Then click TEMPO RATE and press forward button/backward button to set the tempo rate you like.

    6. What is the format of your MP4/MP5 Players?

     Our MP4/MP5  players supports RM,RMVB,AVI video format, for other format, please convert to this 3 format so that they can be played.

    7.How long can last of the MP4 when it is full of power?

    The battery will last for about 5 hours for music and 3 hours for video.

    Any questions please contact us by Customer Service Express: https://help.tinydeal.com/contact-us


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