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How to set the wifi function ?

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    Please kindly note that you can set the wifi function as following:  1.enter "Manage Connections"  2.press ""wireless LAN"  3.choose "Enable WLAN"  4.connect   5.if your Wireless Router set password,please input the password. 

    How to set the wife fuction for phone DX1?

    Please take into consideration that after you detect the Wifi lan you have to enter the WEP key to connect to it.  Please follow next steps:  Menu-services-wap-settings-select sim- Sim 1  Menu-services-wap-settings-profiles-sim1-Wlan  Menu-services-wap-settings-profiles-sim2-wlan (if using both sim card slots)  Menu-fun-java(blue icom)-opera mini -settings  -Network access (prompt AT first)  -Autoinuocation (prompt AT first)  -Messaging (Prompi AT first)  -Read used data (prompt once)  -Write user data  (prompt once)  -Local conmectivity (prompt once)  Menu-Java-Java settings (green icom)  -Java audio (4)  -Java backlight (off)  -Java vibration (on)  -Select sim (sim1)  -Java sim1 profile (Wlan)  -Java sim2 profile (Wlan)(if using both sim slots)  -Heap size (leave alone)    Upon having checked the configuration you have to configure the time and date properly since the launching of Opera requires this data to be ok.    When miniopera starts you will see a window saying something like the "socket connection may use airtime" please select ok (in fact you have to disregard this message since your connection is through wifi and not through the cell phone network.    

    You can set wifi like following:  

    1. "Internet services"-setting-Select SIM- SIM1 or sim 2 ( you need to  insert a valid sim card to SIM1 or sim2 Slot, )   

    2. Click Wifi-wireless lan- search for network,  the phone will search for wireless network automatically,  if it find wifi signal,  the signal's name will appear in "Available network" 

    3, click the signal's name and  choose "connect"  

    4, Find "Opera mini",   choose correct opera mimi,   there are different versions,(not all versions can launch), you can choose the version that has language in your country  

    5, click "Options"-"Network Profiles"-  Profile mode- "User Specific"-   select SiM , Choose sim 1 Or sim  2 that you use

    6, "Java SIM1 Profile"-WIFI,  Java SIM2 Profile- WiFI

    7, Click "OK" to  "Options" interface, and click "Launch" , and then you can USE WIFI.  

    Pay attention: 1,  Wifiless Router  should be open, if it is encrypted,   you need to input password.  2, set your phone to the correct time zone and correct time. 3, you need to insert a valid sim card to sim slot.

    Any questions please contact us by Customer Service Express: https://help.tinydeal.com/contact-us


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