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TD Self-run Affiliate Program Closed
We regret to inform you that as from May 20, 2016, the TinyDeal self-run affiliate program will suspend all operations for an indefinite period because of some adjustment of our marketing strategy. This is not a hasty decision, and is only undertaken after much consideration and analysis.
Rest assured that the program has been progressively replaced by other programs which we run via some worldwide popular affiliate networks. Details about our network affiliate programs can be found in the middle of the page.
What does this mean for self-run affiliates?
Our self-run affiliate program is no longer open to new applications or available to existing affiliate members.
Important notice for existing self-run affiliates
It's important to note that all Affiliate Points accumulated in your account will be automatically converted to Bought Points which can be used for purchase. 1 Affiliate Point is equivalent to 1 Bought Point. Check your Affiliate Points balance>>
It is also recommended that you cash out you Affiliate Points no later than May 31, 2016. You can find out how to cash out your Affiliate Points at the bottom of this page.
Network affiliate programs currently operating
Applicants may join our Affiliate Program on ShareASale, Webgains or Admitad, all of which are popular marketing networks locally or globally.
With right affiliate strategies and tools, it is possible to earn $1,000+ monthly! What's more, we've even set up extra incentives for outstanding affiliates. Simply click the follow links to join now!
Network Intro Commission Rate Merchant ID Hyperlink
ShareASale ShareASale is a major affiliate marketing network based in the U.S. 3%-8% 53769 https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=53769
Admitad Admitad is mostly popular in Eastern Europe. 2.4%-6.4% 6420 https://www.admitad.com/en/webmaster/offers/6420-tinydeal/
Webgains Webgains is a popular affiliate network in Europe. Our Webgains program is open to affiliates in the following countries: the U.K., Spain, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, and France. 3%-8% UK-10573 Webgains UK: http://us.webgains.com/front/publisher/program/view/programID/10573
ES-10579 Webgains ES: http://us.webgains.com/front/publisher/program/view/programID/10579
DE-10561 Webgains DE: http://us.webgains.com/front/publisher/program/view/programID/10561
IR-10567 Webgains IR: http://us.webgains.com/front/publisher/program/view/programID/10567
IT-10569 Webgains IT: http://us.webgains.com/front/publisher/program/view/programID/10569
NL-10571 Webgains NL: http://us.webgains.com/front/publisher/program/view/programID/10571
FR-10565 Webgains FR: http://us.webgains.com/front/publisher/program/view/programID/10565
If you have any questions about either the self-run affiliate program or the network affiliate programs, please contact our live chat customer service or email affiliate@tinydeal.com.
How to cash out Affiliate Points?
Please send an email to affiliate@tinydeal.com, including:
1. Your TD account;
2. Paypal account or Webmoney account;
3. How many TD points you want to cash out;
4. The subject of Email is: [TinyDeal Cash Out] My Affiliate TD points.
We will finish the work and reply to you within 2 working days.
We thank you for your partnership and wish you continued success.
The TinyDeal Affiliate Team
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