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I'm not very active during the day, is it OK to manually wind my automatic watch with a crown?

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    It is OK to do it occasionally, but not very often, especially, not every day, and particularly, when your watch is equipped with a screw down crown.
    First, by winding with a crown, the reverser wheels of an automatic system will wear out faster.
    Second, the resting hole of the stem inside the main plate will enlarge and wear out quicker.
    And lastly,the screw down crown system and/or threaded case tube, will wear out in no time as it not designed by the manufacturer to be used so frequently.
    If person is not active to keep an automatic watch running well through the night, invest in a simple automatic watch winder to solve most of these problems.
    Or, use your free manual labor, and just grasp watch by watchband securely and in a back and forth motion, keeping the crown toward and away from you, so as to let the oscillating weight to move in the same fashion inside, give the watch a 50-75 gentle shakes before going to bed.

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