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Some questions resolved about RAM and ROM

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    Why it is 4GB ROM in description, but it is proved to be just 3.75GB, and only 815MB after connected to PC?


    Please do not worry, it is normal, for the ROM is made up by 3 parts, System space , Setup space and storage space for user.
    •System space is the core of the whole tablet storage. The tablet will just like a brick without the System space, usually it will occupy hundreds of MB to 2GB, and it depends on how much APK the manufacturer added, it is cannot be modified if without ROOT.
    •Setup space, it is the space we install the apps we download, for example,, if we download one app who is 24.1MB,it will occupy 39MB installation space when installation finished, then the 39MB is the Setup space for user. Generally there is 2GB for us to install apps for some tablets.
    Storage space, it is the space where we can put songs, photos, videos, e-books and games...there are also some Cache files in this space.

    After that, we can know that, for 4GB ROM, system space occupies 1GB, so the Setup space for user is around 2GB,then the rest 1GB is the storage space we can use.



    Rom space is too small. Can I add an extra memory card to solve the problem? When I’m installing some big games, the data packet is in the memory card. Why the device reminds me to download the data packet when entering the game?


    No matter what kind of games, the main programs of the games need the support of the data packet. Due to the small volume of the mini-games, mini-games are installed in the main program. You can run them after the installation is finished. But you need to download an extra data packet to run the big games. Generally speaking, the data packets are in the prescribed route of the internal storage. That is: if we install the data packet in the external storage, its route will be changed. The game will not be able to read it, so we cannot run it properly.



    The total ROM space will affect the the running speed of the tablet or not?


    Of course not. It is similar to the PC hard disk, for example, one PC with 500GB hard disk and the one with 750GB, there is little differences when they run. The only factor that affect the running speed is the amount the apps you install, the system will spend much more resources on reading this part of information if the apps occupy much storage space, so that the running speed slows down.
    Therefore we warmly advice you to delete the apps not usually used, and then the loading speed of the tablet will be much faster.



    I'm interested in a tablet, its cost performance is well. But Rom is small. Whether it is worth choosing it?


    The Rom of some devices is really small. It brings many troubles to the people who like the big games. Some suppliers of tablet provided the authority of free choice. We can decide whether to change to removable memory card to be the approved memory. It will expand the memory greatly: we can install more big games and install the data packet on the memory card directly. If the supplier doesn’t provide the authority, we can modify it by ourselves by gaining the top authority of ROOT.



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