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Clothes size.

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    In this FAQ, you will know how to choose the size by yourself.

    For example, you would like to buy NWV-194169. https://www.tinydeal.com/striped-terylene-casual-crewneck-mid-sleeve-t-shirts-for-women-p-94162.html

    1、  Open the link you will find there are some sizes for choosing.

    2、  Please go down to Productions Description. You can see there is a table for sizes.

    3、  You need to know your BWH ( measurements of a woman's chest , waist , and hips). If you don’t know what is BWH, there is a picture for your reference.

    4、  For example.  Your Chest measurement is 90 cm, and your waist measurement is 70 cm and your hips measurement 95 cm. Please choose Size XL.


    Or if your Chest measurement is 100 cm, and your waist measurement is 80 cm and your hips measurement 102 cm. Please choose size XXXL.. But there is no XXXL size for this model, That means this T-Shirts is not suitable for you.

    Tips:1、The size for the choice is the first line of the table.
        2、The size is depend on your largest measurement of your BWH ( measurements of a woman's chest , waist , and hips)
           For example, The BWH is chest 82 cm, waist 70 cm and tips 86 cm. Chest is suitable for Size M, waist is suitable for L size and tips is suitable for S size. But you need to choose L size. All in all, please choose the Largest size.

    Any questions please contact us by Customer Service Express: https://help.tinydeal.com/contact-us


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