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Why CPU frequency is not the same as the description?

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    The CPU frequency wrote in the description is the tested data when CPU operate at full load.
    For example, MTK6592 1.7GHz, it’s not always operate in 1.7GHz stably. It can adjust the frequency according to the temperature and workload.
    For instance, it is 200MHz on standby but could be 600MHz when you are watching movies. It will rise to highest frequency when big games are played.

    When operating at full load, it also not in the highest frequency all the time. CPU has a temperature threshold. When the temperature of CPU up to threshold, it will reduce frequency and increase frequency when temperature down.

    So the data you tested with some apps from play store is often less than the frequency wrote in the description generally. When you test at different time, different condition, the data will be different.

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