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Find Supported Network Type for Phones/Tablets You Are Interested In

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    1. How can I confirm the phone/tablet is suitable for network type in our country?
    All Tinydeal phones support 2G network GSM for calling & low-speed Internet connections. The only difference is that there are many types of 3G/4G network in different countries. 3G WCDMA and 4G FDD-LTE are the most common & high-speed network types for our device.
    You can try to download the file with almost all the details of worldwide carrier as reference.

    2. If I choose the wrong phone/tablet with network type which is not compatible with our local one, what to do?
    If your phone/tablet is nearly brand new which won’t affect secondary sales, you can send back your device with all package contents for refund or exchange. But you need to pay returning fee, so you may contact your local network carrier to get detailed information before purchase.

    Any question please contact us by Customer Service Express: https://help.tinydeal.com/contact-us


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