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I received an incorrect item

  • Thanks for your support to TinyDeal.
    If the item you received is completely different from the one you ordered, please contact us via our Customer Service and provide us with the required pictures to show the mistake.

    To complete the process, we need the following required documents:
    1. Both sides of custom declaration form. (Example: http://downloads.tinydeal.com/packaging.jpg)

    2. The Model and PO number we marked on the product or on the package box. (Example: http://downloads.tinydeal.com/PO-number.jpg)

    3. If your items are clothes, shoes or ring etc. with different sizes (or other selectable properties), an extra picture is needed to show the size of the item (it could be in the cloth, or attached on the collar, or on the tag of the product).

    Please also tell us if the package is intact or not on delivery.

    You can follow the steps below to upload the documents:
    1. Sign in with your TinyDeal account on https://my.tinydeal.com/
    2. Go to https://help.tinydeal.com/contact-us
    3. Select the Order Number
    4. Select the Type of Email: Broken or Wrong or Less Items received
    5. Upload the documents and the message.

    It may take us 3 to 5 business days to process the information you uploaded and we will keep in touch with you.
    After we confirm the problem, if the return is necessary, please make sure that the incorrect item you returned is wrapped in the original package and the product is in the same condition. About the return address and shipping fee, please contact our CS staff for details first. However, if you find it useful and prefer to keep it but the price doesn't satisfy you, we can also discuss about it further.

    A. For package sent with a tracking number, if you got the wrong item, you should come to complain with us within 5 days you got it. Or we would not handle your problem any more.
    B. For package sent without a tracking number, if you got the wrong item, you should come to complain with us within 45 days from the day we sent it. Or we would not handle your problem any more.
    C. Please note that if you yourself made a mistake and ordered the wrong product, or you ordered a product that cannot work in your country (e.g. you failed to read the description for a mobile phone GSM standard), we can't accept a return.
    D. Because of the different batches of the products, item logo or packaging you received may be different from the one displayed on our website. If the main functions or appearance of the product proved to be consistent, please understand the case which won't be applied in this policy.

    Any questions please contact us by Customer Service: https://help.tinydeal.com/contact-us

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