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Do you want to show your cool gadgets from TinyDeal.com? Show it off by a video! If you make a video about a product and upload it to our site, 3 to 10 TD points will be added to your account as a reward. Points rewarded depend on the basis that if your video clearly demonstrates features and functions of the product, the information shown in the video is supplement to our description and images of the item, and overall quality of your video taken.

Your reward points will be credited to your account once the video has been censored by us and displayed on our site. When you make the video, do not forget to mention "TinyDeal.com" or you can put it in YouTube's title or description etc. These definitely help your video get approved and higher reward points.When you upload video to YouTube, please add the product links into the video description so as to help other customers to find this product on Tinydeal.com easily.

We don't verify the ownership of the item. As long as your videos are relevant to the product and showing information or functions about the product, you are welcome to post them on our website. But if the item in the video is not exactly the same as the product we are selling, you may not be eligible to receive TD points.

TinyDeal.com check all videos before posting them. We reserve the right not to post a video if it does not meet certain guidelines. Please read the video guidelines to ensure that your video is appropriate for TinyDeal.com.

Simple Steps to Follow

Detailed Steps to Upload a Video

1) Enter video uploading interface

First enter a product's details page that is relevant to the video you want to upload -- Just simply click “Upload Your Video” button under the Customer Videos section and you will enter the video uploading interface.

2) Log in Tinydeal.com

Log in your Tinydeal.com account on the popup dialog box.

3) Upload your video and submit

Then you just need to put your Video Title and URL or the 11-digit video ID of the YouTube video in the appropriate position of the popup dialog box and then Click “Submit” to post your video.

Video Posting Guidelines

We check all videos before posting them and may reject some videos if they don't follow the guidelines. Here are some of the things that can cause rejection:

  • • Offensive or abusive language.
  • •URLs or other clues which lead to other stores, resellers, or competitors.
  • •Price may change a bit due to fluctuation of currency exchange rates and other reasons, so please avoid inclusion of such information.
  • • Videos for products that are out of stock and won't be available soon.
  • • Videos those are too short or non-informative.
  • • Any personal contact information such as e-mail address and phone numbers.

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